Brandon Franklin

Level Designer, Programmer


Development Time: 2 months
Team Size: 1
Role: Level Designer & Programmer

  • Designed the primary mechanic - painting to explore an environment
  • Designed a handful of demo levels
  • Designed a minimalist game structure to allow for player exploration 
  • Designed a performance focused technical design document for the primary mechanic
  • Programmed the game's mechanics
 Demo Link

Demo Link

Above video is of a player's first time playing the demo.


Development Time: 1 year
Team Size: 7
Role: Designer & Programmer

  • Designed and documented the game's flow, levels, and pacing in pre-production
  • Designed the primary active reloading mechanic
  • Designed a task and need based AI system
  • Programmed all gameplay systems
  • Programmed the game's AI
  • Programmed an in game debug console
  • Made an out of engine dialogue editor for the team's writer
 Demo Link

Demo Link


Cadence Killer

Development Time: 3 months
Team Size: 4
Role: Level Designer & Programmer

  • Designed the core game structure from the team's desired themes
  • Designed the three floor building the game takes place in
  • Designed the over-world dialogue and traversal mechanics
  • Managed the project timeline to completion
  • Implemented all game art and dialogue
 Demo Link

Demo Link