Brandon Franklin

Level Designer, Scripter


Gaslight : 1850

Development Time: 6 Months
Team Size: 1
Role: Designer, 3D Modeler, & Scripter

  • Designed a short complete experience focusing on branching decisions and investigation

  • Created a series of assets meant to convey presence and the time period of the game

  • Integrated story, level design, and item placement to create a clear well paced experience

Demo Link

Demo Link



Development Time: 5 months
Team Size: 2
Role: Level Designer & Scripter

  • Designed a full series of demo levels

  • Modeled, tested, and implemented scripting for all demo levels

  • Designed the primary mechanic & game-play loop - painting to explore an environment

  • Worked closely with the game's programmer to enable the intended design

Demo Link

Demo Link


Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Development Time: 10 months
Team Size: 100+
Role: User Experience Tester

  • Gave feedback on level design, polish, and gameplay balance

  • Worked with the team to create more efficient testing workflows

  • Regressed Bugs & evaluated balance changes