Diegetic Mechanics

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This article, about diegetic mechanics, covers the definition and the implementation of a design pattern is often overlooked for game mechanics. I wrote about these mechanics in the hope that the benefits and the effectiveness of these mechanics would be further explored and discussed by game designers. The examples provided and the embrace of systemic games in recent years makes these types of mechanics more and more important for giving players a sense of connection with the game world.


Engaging Players Through Ritual

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This article is about breaking common actions up into meaningful parts to let the player think while acting and create more meaningful moment to moment choices in all kinds of games.


Generating Game Content with Artificial Intelligence

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This article covers a a kind of game AI that has become more common, AI that is meant to create emergent gameplay moments. It covers the origins of this thinking, the benefits, and several elements necessary for its design to make AI in games truly generate content.

This article is based on research done with my side project that you can see here.


Game Characters

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This article is advocating for characters in games being made more interactive. It covers what developers have done in the past to ground their characters in their worlds and how that affects the player experience.